Puppy Socialization | Shake It Up Litter Ep06

Puppy Socialization | Shake It Up Litter Ep06

The Shake It Up pups are 6 weeks old and getting ready to head home to their families soon. With that in mind Claire is here to talk about some tips and tricks for socializing your puppy. We hope you enjoy the update on each of these 11 puppies and Mom Breezy. Do you have any tips or tricks for socializing that you’d like to share? Drop them in the comments below!

00:08- Welcome to Shake It Up- 6 week update
00:45- Dark Blue update
01:33- Yellow update
02:24- Black update
03:05- Brown update
03:58- Pink update
04:39- Orange update
05:29- Grey update
06:27- Peach update
07:37- Light Blue update
08:06- Red update
09:07- Purple update
10:25- Our property and how it helps get your puppy ready for you
11:46- Puppies problem solving and learning to navigate different terrains
12:15- Assessments for the puppies, what we look for and how
13:33- What do you need to be watching for when you have your puppy outside?
13:50- Getting your puppy out before they have all their vaccinations
14:33- Meeting new people and experiencing new things
15:35- Making sure it’s a positive experience
17:03- Using body language for reassurance
17:58- Avoid meeting another dog on leash
19:05- Desensitization
19:33- Puppy socialization classes
20:11-Fear phase of puppyhood
22:07- Experiencing different textures and environments
22:42- Breezy update
24:04- Confident calm Mom makes confident calm puppies
25:08- Check out our other videos for more information on socialization
25:52- Thanks for watching! Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have

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