Fresh Fruit & Citrus Sugar | Healthy snack recipe | One Hungry Mama

Fresh Fruit & Citrus Sugar | Healthy snack recipe | One Hungry Mama

This easy, delicious way to serve fruit will get everyone eating healthy, fresh fruit—and maybe even ask for more.

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This is my absolute favorite way to serve fresh fruit. It makes out-of-season fruit taste delicious and gives in-season fruit a refreshing zing that will have everyone asking for more.

If you have an eater who is reluctant to eat fruit—or you’re trying to eat more yourself—this is the way! It may seem like it’s unhealthy because you’re pairing fruit with sugar, but you control how much sugar gets added and very little is needed. The real flavor comes from the citrus.

So start making citrus sugar with your lemons, limes and oranges and pair them up with fresh fruit. There are SO many combinations. Watch for my favorite ideas.

To make this, you’ll need:
* Granulated sugar
* Citrus zest of any kind
* Fresh, cut up fruit – match the fruit to the citrus you use for the zest (watch for my favorite combinations)

The basic ratio is 1 teaspoon zest for 1/2 cup sugar. This will make a lot, which is great for a party or to keep on hand in the fridge for a week or so. If you just want a little, cut the recipe in half.

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